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From Borneo to Bangor...
This is the tale of how the truly tasty Blue Sauces were born. 
Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. It was 1981, in the jungles of Borneo...

Shortly after my sister was born in 1981 my family were posted out to North Borneo as part of my father's job where I had a fantastic childhood, growing up in the jungles of Sarawak and later Brunei Darussalam.  At the age of nine I came back to the UK to go to school, however I continued to return to Brunei during the school holidays to be with my family. After finishing school I decided to further my education in earth science, doing a degree at Bangor University in Ocean Science, later specializing in environmental geophysics.  A two month secondment to the University of Alberta, Canada,  saw me surveying the Thomsen River on Banks Island in the Arctic where I made the unexpected decision to leave my profession in science in order to head back home to Wales to start a new life growing blueberries. Whilst being supportive, this decision was understandably met with quite some bemusement by my friends and family!

From the outset the farm has been run in an environmentally sensitive manner which has led to an extremely diverse ecosystem which benefits both us and the insects, birds and mammals which inhabit it, for which we are justifiably proud.  Examples of this are the clover and wildflowers that are sown between the rows of blueberry bushes in order to encourage Bumble and Mason bees into our fields.   To say the wildlife on the farm has increased is a massive understatement and not surprisingly our farm is flourishing because of the steps we have taken.

BLUE came about out of necessity rather than design.  In the summer of 2009 the price of fresh blueberries hit an all time low and harvesting the fruit cost us more than we could sell it for. Therefore, alongside my family I began to experiment, creating sauces and syrups with blueberries as the main ingredient, drawing upon my knowledge of Asian cuisine and combining them with herbs and fruit grown in our garden.

The result, after much testing upon many willing volunteers including the students we employ in the summer to help harvest the crop, is a range of 10 blueberry based products.  These include two sugar free salad dressings and the totally indulgent blueberry chocolate sauce. The ethos behind our products is versatility, whilst each product was originally designed with a specific purpose in mind they can all be used in a multitude of different ways.  An example of this is our mulled wine mixer which when added to warmed red wine creates an amazingly tasty winter drink but it can also be used in desserts to add a blueberry and cinnamon twist!  Likewise our salad dressings also make extremely delicious roast potatoes when added instead of oil prior to cooking.